Thursday, August 07, 2014

This story was inspired by the song 'bring me to life' by Evanescence, I hope you enjoy it!

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The inexistent girl

The whole building was haunted by young women who once roamed these floors.

This girl had lived here and would appear every night she was first seen climbing out a window by a neighbouring building. She than started climbing the twisted gargoyles which hung down the building, the rain was pelting down onto her, thunder echoing in her head lightning flashing all around her as she climbed each stone square getting higher and higher into the misting clouds and then she was gone, just as if the mist and wind had dragged her into the everlasting storm. Faraway a siren could be heard wailing into the rain alongside a mystical voice singing.
 This mystifying girl was then seen by a resident of the flat walking, just walking down corridors crying softly to herself.  She had pure sadness inside those emerald eyes, the old women tried calling out to her but only to receive a small smile and a heartbreakingly loud sob covered by the young girls hand over her mouth, only to turn away round a corner. The old resident was now truly worried for this girl and turned the corner only to see….

There were no doors only an elevator. The woman was so confused yet scared of what had happened, through the tear this girl had seemed lovely, kind and surprisingly heartbroken.
A week later two boys were walking up the stair to their flat since neither wanted to take the lift thinking that it would swallow them whole. On their way they met a young girl with a flowing white dress which reached the ground she was waiting on the landing, just standing there. Waiting. The boys had heard stories about a young girl around the building. Both ran to their homes only to look out the door to her only to find, nothing.
This girl had been a resident here in this building. Forty years ago.

She had died in the building, no she had died outside the building on a window ledge. She had loved music and sang with her friends but she had got ill one day only to be confined to a bed for weeks on end and she could her hear friends creating music without her.

She had climbed out of her window to climb to her friends just to listen on that fateful stormy night. She was extremely pale with her long black hair a tangled mess of cobwebs flying around behind her.

Old men and young children would hear her voice singing forlornly into the wind men and women would see her gliding outside the windowpanes looking in searching for something. Eventually she found her friends; they were too engrossed in music to see her apart from the lead guitarist. He saw and went to the window only to put a hand onto the window glass she also put her hand on his and mouthed words to him. He tried to figure out what she as saying only to realise that she wanted to be let in. He did so only for her to slip and fall she grabbed hold of the ledge and clung to it her cries were swept away in the crying wind he grabbed her hand and tried to pull her up but with no avail he pulled and pulled only to find her hand slipping from his grasp. And then. She fell.

On and on went his cries till he could call no more. 

He could not bare his pain anymore and tested his insanity to his limit’s. He could feel the air fall through his fingers and smiling knowing he would see his friend once again. For 40 year he searched for her and to finally find her on the roof staring into the sunset her took her hand and both walked off the roof and into the light which took their remaining souls.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some photographs I took at the allotment BBQ on Sunday 20th July......

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